People leaving a mess at historic Hastings Old Town church

St Clements Church, Hastings Old Town. 25/1/12 ENGSUS00120120126084808
St Clements Church, Hastings Old Town. 25/1/12 ENGSUS00120120126084808

Litterbugs are leaving a mess in the grounds of historic St Clements Church.

The church, which is just of the High Street, has a grass area and bench which is popular with people eating chips or lunch snacks.

But the problem of people leaving their litter behind, is so bad that a team of local volunteers is forced to clean up after them.

A church hall in All Saints Street, opposite All Saints Church has also ben used as a dumping ground.

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A spokesperson for the church said: “Keeping the churchyard free of litter is a major task at the weekend.

“We have a growing body of volunteers and a public-spirited resident of All Saints Street keeps the forecourt and bins of All Saints Hall clean and tidy, clearing up after the less publicly spirited people who fly-tip there.

“The Wardens and Church Council are very appreciative of the generosity of people in the wider parish. There is always the need and opportunity for more help and support in a variety of ways. Volunteers are always welcome.”

Call a Warden on 01424 420499 or 01424 431635.

There has been a church on the St Clements site since 1286. The current church was rebuilt in the early fifteenth century after the building was badly damaged in a French raid in 1377.
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