Morrisons to trial 20p paper bags in bid to cut down on plastic waste

Morrisons, Hastings.'8/7/08
Morrisons, Hastings.'8/7/08

People may soon be able to buy a reusable paper bag from Morrisons at Hastings if a trial scheme is successful.

Morrisons has announced that it is introducing a reusable 20p paper bag as part of an eight-week trial in eight of its stores.

The supermarket chain will also trial increasing the cost of its reusable plastic carrier bag to 15p, in a bid to reduce the plastic used by customers.

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Morrisons removed 5p carrier bags early in 2018 which led to a 25 per cent reduction in overall bag sales.

The new US-style paper grocery bags have handles and are a similar capacity to standard plastic carrier bags

Since the plastic bag charge was introduced, supermarket customers’ bag use has reduced by more than 85%.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has set up a consultation on raising the cost of plastic bags in England.

The supermarket chain has said that reducing plastic was their customers’ top environmental concern.

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