Morrisons at Hastings becomes a dementia friendly supermarket

Dementia Friendly Morrisons SUS-181123-102746001
Dementia Friendly Morrisons SUS-181123-102746001

Morrison’s in Queens Road Hastings has introduced a Quiet Hour to support its customers who have Dementia and Autism.

The Quiet Hour will be every Saturday from 9.30am to 10.30am and will ensure that there is no background music or in store public announcements played during this time.

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Chairman of the Dementia Action Alliance Lord Brett McLean said “ Huge thanks must be given to Morrisons for introducing the Quiet Hour, thus supporting those with Dementia and Autism.

“The quiet hour will provide these customers with the opportunity to undertake shopping without distraction. If all businesses can provide a service like this then it all goes towards making Hastings and St Leonard’s a dementia friendly Borough.”

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