‘Miracle’ as Hastings grandfather’s sentimental ring is found in the sea at Glyne Gap

A grandfather who lost his sentimental ring while swimming in the sea at Glyne Gap described finding it as ‘nothing short of a miracle’.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 5:46 pm
John Mills with his wife Linda close to where the ring was found. Picture: Sid Saunders

John Mills, 66, had been in the sea with his grandson Oliver on Saturday, August 24, when he noticed the ring – which was made for him from his late father and grandfather’s rings – had slipped off.

After failing to find it while ducking under the water, John decided to return to the beach later that night once the tide had gone out.

Alongside other members of his family, John returned at 10.40pm and used torches in a desperate attempt to locate the ring.

John Mills' sentimental ring. Picture: Sid Saunders

His wife of 45 years, Linda, said: “I thought he was crazy. I thought there is no way he’ll find it.

“He had told me that the ring had fallen next to some rocks but after about an hour and a half searching he was going to give up on it.

“It was very emotional for him because the ring meant a lot to him.

“His brother Mark said they should stay and search some more once the water has gone further out. With that, he searched around the sand and shouted out ‘I’ve got your ring’ and it was about half way on top of his finger.

“I think it’s just wonderful. We said it was nothing short of a miracle.”

Linda said John’s ring was particularly sentimental to him as it had been made in India from his father and grandfather’s rings.

She added: “He had insurance on it but it’s not quite the same.

“This ring was made for him and it meant so much to him.

“Before he left to search for it I said I didn’t think he would ever find it but John knew exactly where to search – he was clever about that.

“Had they not have found it, John was planning to head down there the next day with a children’s metal detector and a plastic bucket and spade.”