Historic Hastings Old Town landmark is under threat

Salt laden winds are threatening the fabric and future of historic St Clements Church in Hastings Old Town.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 10:33 am

Built in the fourteenth century, the church survived a near miss from the Luftwaffe when the Swan pub opposite was destroyed by bombs.

But now it is suffering from 600 years of stone erosion.

“It is vital that the stonework is restored now if we are to ensure this landmark building is to survive for another 600 years,” said Churchwarden Gareth Bendon.

St Clements Church, Hastings Old Town. 25/1/12 ENGSUS00120120126084746

Over £1,500 has already been pledged in order to remedy the west facing side of the church. The Two Towers Trust - a local charity that raises funds to support the two medieval churches in the Old Town, has promised £120,000 of this and work will begin in September.

A further £60,000 needs to be found to enable further essential work to be undertaken on the south and north facing sides of the church.

Ken Bentall, secretary of The Two Towers Trust, said: “The landscape of the Old Town would be considerably poorer if this church’s fabric deteriorated beyond repair. We need to take action now.”

Anyone interested in supporting the Two Towers Trust is invited to contact Ken Bentall on 07484 720943. Donations may also be made online via the parish website at www.oldtownparishhastings.org.uk.

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