Hastings woman continues fight to keep vulnerable asylum seeker in the country

Iranian asylum seeker Javad Ebrahimi with Terry Alexander, who welcomed him in to her home in Hastings
Iranian asylum seeker Javad Ebrahimi with Terry Alexander, who welcomed him in to her home in Hastings

A Hastings woman who took in a vulnerable asylum seeker more than three years ago has continued her fight to keep him in the country.

Javad Ebrahimi, a 28-year-old Iranian who was diagnosed with autism, fled to the UK in 2007 following the death of his parents in the Bam earthquake in 2003.

He arrived in Hastings in 2013 and was eventually taken in by tutor Terry Alexander, from Hastings, but, in 2016, his last asylum application was turned down by the Home Office.

This decision was appealed and taken to court on July 23 where the hearing was postponed until February 20 to allow time for more assessments to be completed.

Terry said: “Javad is understandably upset at the delay but it is really good news because it sounds like they are taking his case seriously.”

After Javad’s asylum application was turned down in 2016, a petition was set up to support him in his battle to remain in the UK.

The petition, which has received 55,077 signatures, says: “For the first time since (Javad’s) parents died, he has found a family ready to offer him a permanent home. A family who love him and are willing to teach him the basic life skills, support and stable environment.

“His application for asylum or leave to remain has been rejected by the Home Office. Unless they can be persuaded to change their decision and grant Javad discretionary leave to remain, they will uproot this extremely vulnerable young man again and send him back to a place he barely remembers and where he has nothing.”

Upon arrival in the UK, Javad spent time sleeping rough and was struggling to survive before Terry stepped in to help.

With her support, he started attending the Roebuck Centre – a support facility part of the Aspens Charities – which offers a variety of courses for people with learning disabilities.

Aspens said: “During his 18 months at The Roebuck Centre, he has shown exceptional skill in craft, particularity sewing and bag making. He has the ability, capacity and determination to train as a professional fashion designer if the opportunity to develop is given to him.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “A Home Office spokesperson said: “The case is ongoing and so it would be inappropriate to comment.”

To support the petition, visit you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/petition-the-home-office-to-reconsider-javad-s-deportation-decision-now.

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