Hastings Wetherspoons gets thumbs down from many local Facebook users

John Logie Baird
John Logie Baird

Several hundred people took to the Hastings Observer Facebook site to air their views after the Hastings Wetherspoons was rated as one of the worst in Sussex by TripAdvisor users.

Overall it was a resounding thumbs down for the Havelock Road pub with people complaining about poor food, service and toilets and ‘screaming kids running riot’.

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Karen Cornelius said: “The toilets have always been disgusting, with broken seats many times.”

Deb Mansell said: “On a visit to Hastings two or three years ago we walked in and walked out as there were no staff about, sticky carpets and a funny smell!”

Victor Glanville said: “I have always found the offering ok for what you pay but its dark, dingy and very oppressive.”

Alison Nicholls said: “Usually you can’t go wrong with a Spoons but the Hastings one is a nightmare.. Also too many professional drinkers there.”

Carol Paffett said: “It’s dirty inside and out. The Bexhill one is great.”

Other comments included “horrible” “absolute rubbish” and “trampy place”.

But not everyone was uncomplimentary about the pub. Alan Bolwell said: “I like it - large open space and lots of seating.”

Jen Butler said: “I don’t think its bad at all to be honest.” While Melanie Juckes added: “Its inclusive, friendly and cheap for alright pub food. It does what it says on the tin.”

Rachel Berridge said: “It’s like people buying a cheap car and then moaning that its not a Ferrari. Its a great place for a cheap meal out.”

Wayne Johnson said: “Great place, great staff.”

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