Hastings schoolboy tells dog owners to pick up mess left in Combe Valley Countryside Park

An autistic Hastings schoolboy has put up posters in Combe Valley Countryside Park telling dog owners to pick up poo left by their pets.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 5:33 pm
Vincent Poyser said he was disgusted by the amount of dog poo in Combe Valley Country Park SUS-190513-160812001

Vincent Poyser, 8, said he was inspired to act after finding a ‘disgusting’ amount of dog poo on the park’s footpaths.

The Torfield Academy Trust pupil told his mum Kate he wanted to make posters to encourage dog owners to pick up the mess their pets leave behind.

Having told his mum what he wanted written on the posters, Vincent printed off and laminated 20 posters before putting them up around the park on Sunday (May 12).

The posters say: “I am Vincent and I am 8 years old.

“I am very angry about the amount of dog poo left on the tracks in our lovely country park.

“The park is here for everyone to enjoy and I cannot enjoy it when there is dog poo left where I am walking.

“Pick up after your dog; my mum picks up after ours, it’s easy.

“Leave the park clean so everyone can enjoy it, please.”

Kate, who lives with Vincent in Pebsham, said her son’s poster have been well received by visitors to the park.

She added: “My son has autism and he said to me, ‘Mum, I am going to design a poster and put it up so people know they must pick up their dogs’ poo’.

“He has often trod in poo or ridden in it on his bike and it results in him going in to overload and having a meltdown. He went home and drew some pictures, he then told me what words he wanted on his poster and we got them printed off and laminated. This weekend we went around the country park and put up 20 posters, people kept stopping us and saying thank you and they are fed up with the dog poo too.

“The country park is there for everyone to enjoy, not just dogs so please pick up after your dog. Be a good dog owner and think of others. We are dog owners and it’s not hard to pick up. There are bins for safe disposal too, so, please, let’s make the park somewhere enjoyable for all and not a mass of dog poo.”

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