Hastings park cycle path plans: readers have their say

Plans to convert the existing footpath in Alexandra Park to add a cycle path sparked a debate among readers of the Hastings Observer.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 2:41 pm
Alexandra Park in Hastings SUS-200929-153214001

After David Taylor raised concerns about the proposed path (read the full story here), a number of people agreed with the issues around safety, while others praised the council for its ‘forward-thinking’ in trying to create a ‘healthy environment’.

Anne Myall said: “(The park) is for people to have a lovely walk and for children to enjoy running about in, safely.”

Tina Farthing added: “Let our kids run and play without fear of getting mowed down or poor parents having to look out all the time for bikes.

Some people noted that cyclists have been using the footpath as a cycle path anyway, and so plans to convert it into a regulated mixed use path – for pedestrians and cyclists to share – could make it safer.

Chris Broad added: “Accidents will always happen, people will always break rules. The council realise they haven’t the resources to enforce a cycle ban so are trying to make it safe for everyone – what’s the problem with that?

“How about, for once, people look at the bigger picture and praise a bit of forward thinking?”

Tye Watson said: “It’s only dangerous if the cyclist is being irresponsible. I cycle through the park and I’m fully aware of other people around me. But in the whole I think it will be a great idea.”

Katie Underwood said: “Most parks have bike lanes. People have absolutely nothing better to do than moan. Bikes = healthier environment.”