Hastings micro brewery tap take-over offers chance to sample rare beers

Micro Brewery take-over SUS-190802-093352001
Micro Brewery take-over SUS-190802-093352001

The Twelve Hundred Postcards micro pub and brewery at Queens Road, Hastings, is holding its first ever tap take-over this month which sees the acclaimed Oakham Ales brewery offering a selection of their beers, including some rare and hard to come by real ales.

The take-over is happening from February 14 - 17.

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As well as the hugely popular single-hop beer Citra, and its stronger big brother Green Devil, the Peterborough brewery will have on offer Dragon - a cask-aged single hop pale ale, and Hawse Buckler, a rich and unique cask aged foreign extra stout

Number 80 Queens Road has been a shop, office, restaurant and dry cleaners in its long history. At one stage when owned by Mr G J Fellows, it even made beer engines for the pubs of Hastings.

The bar is named in honour of an event that took place at 80 Queens Road in February 1906. At this time it was a shop known as the Chocolate Box selling sweets and chocolate to the general public.

In addition to sweets the shop owner was also selling saucy French postcards under the counter which despite being very tame by today’s standards attracted the attention of the local constabulary.

A raid was carried out and the shop owner was found guilty of corrupting the morals of the local community. His sentence was three months in jail with hard labour and the twelve hundred postcards that sealed his fate were destroyed, though leaving as their legacy the name for the new micro pub and brewery.

The bar is open Wednesdays and Thursdays 4pm - 10pm; Fridays and Saturdays 1pm - 10pm and Sundays 2pm - 7pm.

For more information visit www.twelvehundredpostcards.com.

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