Former Hastings Mayor hands over his socks after 23 years

Sock appeal SUS-180810-103208001
Sock appeal SUS-180810-103208001

It was way back in 1994 then Hastings Mayor Richard Stevens launched his Sock Appeal for the Surviving Christmas Charity to help keep homeless people warm in winter.

Now after 23 years of organising the Appeal, Richard has decided to hand over to current Deputy Mayor, Cllr. James Bacon.

The Sock Appeal asks people to include a pair or two of new, warm, socks on their Christmas present lists. These are then distributed amongst those living on the streets or in cold conditions. ‘Sox Boxes’ are placed at several locations for the donated socks to be dropped off. Charities handling subsequent distribution, include Surviving Christmas, The Salvation Army and St. John Ambulance.

“Handing over the Sock Appeal is sad in a number of ways”, said Richard. “Principally, it is so sad that such basic items of warm clothing are still much needed by those less fortunate than ourselves within Hastings. Little did I imagine when I began this appeal that the demand would still be there nearly a quarter of a century later. That alone should make us all think.”

“I have realised that following my stroke last year, the time has come to hand over to the next generation. I am so pleased that James Bacon has agreed to organise it both for this year and the future I know with James, the appeal will be in safe hands and he will formally launch it at the beginning of next month. Please give James and the appeal your generous support and thanks to all those who have helped and donated over the last 23 years.”

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