Fairlight lady celebrating her 100th birthday was once the highest ranking woman in the Bank of England.

Doreen Millar 2 SUS-181112-102018001
Doreen Millar 2 SUS-181112-102018001

Long term Fairlight resident Doreen Millar celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday December 8.

Dorrie was born in South London just after the end of the first world war.

Doreen Millar 1 SUS-181112-101846001

Doreen Millar 1 SUS-181112-101846001

The youngest of five siblings, her mother was 45 when she was born, and Dorrie grew up regarding her older sister Marjorie (18 years her senior) as her de facto mother.

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As a young woman Dorrie started work at the Bank of England. When war broke out Dorrie volunteered, serving as a VAD nurse for the duration. Returning to the bank in 1945, she rose through the ranks, eventually becoming, at the time, the highest ranking woman in the Bank of England.

Dorrie says she was much better at management than the mundane work of accounting. Books had to be balanced each night before she was allowed to leave some times as late as 10pm.

After retiring from the Bank, she and Fred Millar moved to Fairlight to be nearer to her sister Betty who lived in Rye for many years.

After Fred died Dorrie threw herself into local life, working as a doctor’s receptionist and volunteering locally with the WRVS Meals on Wheels. A keen amateur painter, Dorrie belonged to local art groups.

She greatly enjoyed holidaying abroad, especially in Greece, where she travelled many times with her favourite niece and best friend Anne Ellis.

Dorrie continues to enjoy birdwatching out of her window and doing the Telegraph crossword. On Saturday friends and family gathered from far and wide including nieces and nephews, and even two great, great great nephews. The telegram from the Queen was hand delivered first thing followed by a day-long party.

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