Fairlight enjoys Scarecrow Festival fun

Fairlight residents enjoyed fun over the Easter weekend when scarecrows started springing up all over the village.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 1:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th April 2021, 1:44 pm

The event was organised by Fairlight Parish Council to help bring some smiles during lockdown.

The Council has organised several fun events during the course of this year’s lockdown and this was the latest and most ambitious.

Villagers were invited to create a Scarecrow with a Spring theme and the Council says it was amazed by the response. Scarecrows were fashioned from all sorts of materials.

Fairlight scarecrow 5 SUS-210704-111658001

Parish Council chairman Issy Horsley said: “It really took off, with around 20 scarecrows of different types being created.

“The interpretation of the theme spring has been liberal but all of them have raised smiles from Fairlight’s residents and as well as visitors to the village.

“Some of the scarecrows creators have given ‘back stories’ which have been shared with much mirth on the local social media.

“All in all, the event has raised the spirits of those who have participated as well as those who have had their daily exercise enlivened.”

fairlight sacrecrow 1 SUS-210704-111710001

Among scarecrows on display were Dilly and Dally a couple of newly-wed scarecrows who had returned to Fairlight fresh from Gretna Green.

Some of the scarecrows were sprawled in garden chairs with a tipple, while others presented Happy Easter messages.

There was even a medical scarecrow dressed up in full PPE gear.

The scarecrows can also be viewed on You Tube if you search for Fairlight Eater Scarecrows.

Fairlight scarecrow 2 SUS-210704-111720001

If you still need more scarecrows Battle is set to hold a big Scarecrow Festival in the summer with scarecrows popping up around the town from June 27 to July 18.

Fairlight scarecrow 3 SUS-210704-111731001
Fairlight scarecrow 4 SUS-210704-111742001