Facing the problems with Slum Challenge

Slum Survivor challenge
Slum Survivor challenge

EIGHT local youngsters in Ore Village have helped raise money and awareness of problems that many children face in their daily lives across the globe.

They held the ‘Slum Survivor’ challenge from June 5-7 in which they simulated the conditions of street children in developing countries.

The ‘Slum Survivor’ challenge involved the young people making their own ‘slums’ out of old wood and tarpaulin which they were to live and sleep in for the weekend. They were given a small ration of food which equated to a quarter cup of rice and red lentils with a spoon of spice mix (Dhal) twice a day which they were required to cook themselves. In addition, throughout each day they had to participate in a range of challenges that simulated some of the daily challenges faced by many street children, including washing cars for little or no money, a police raid in which their slums were destroyed, and many more.

Spokesman Simon Bailey said: “The weekend was fun, challenging, exciting, and gruelling in equal measures. However, the young people were an inspiration throughout, sacrificing their valuables, their sleep, and their food to raise money and awareness for children less fortunate than themselves.

“We would like to extend our thanks to all who made this event possible, to those who donated materials: Darren Bird, Robin Matthews, and the Co-operative, and to the leaders that helped throughout the weekend, with a special mention to Vicky Butterworth and Yanna Ballard-Butterworth who simulated the challenge alongside the young people.

“We have yet to reach a final total of the money raised as there is still money coming in.

If you would like to donate please visit the following web address: www.justgiving.co.uk/slumsurvivor2015 all the money raised will go towards charities working directly with street children in the developing world.

Finally, a big congratulations to the young people who organised and survived the ‘Slum Suvivor’ challenge: Hannah Bailey, Kay Ballard-Butterworth, Kieran Ballard-Butterworth, Reece Ballard-Butterworth, Skylar Butterworth, Tilly Butterworth, Pheobe Gould, and Aidan Phillips.”