Tina Stavri's conifers have been felled without her knowing while she's been in France. Photo shows where the conifers used to be in front of her property in Amherst Road, Bexhill. SUS-210903-104119001

Bexhill woman’s shock as 65ft trees felled in her front garden

A Bexhill woman has spoken of her shock after her 65ft conifers were felled in her absence without her permission.

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 2:15 pm

Tina Stavri, of Amherst Road, who is currently in France, was informed that the trees were removed and that someone told her they had seen the felled conifers being loaded onto trucks. She said: “There are a total of nine tree stumps remaining in my garden. The conifers that were there were about 50 years old. The trees were so large they stopped any water penetrating into the retaining wall. It’s now been left exposed and caused shrinkage within the ground, causing my wall to now crack. The trees were able to soak up the water when they were. I’ve tried calling up the tree surgeon companies to find out who has undertaken the works and therefore finding out who instructed them originally to remove them and, of course, paid for this. I’m not at my property at the moment and in France. We left before lockdown and have been here since due to travel restrictions. I have people checking on the property. Three weeks ago I had my friend have a look at the property and the trees were all there. Last Thursday (March 4) they were gone. I’ve had someone from the street tell me they saw the trucks removing the trees but unfortunately they can’t remember the date it was nor the company.”

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