Baby Summer gets helping hand from children’s charity

Summer Hyfon
Summer Hyfon

A CHARITY which helps pay for sick children’s treatment has stumped up £1,600 in cash towards a specially adapted helmet for a baby girl with a head condition.

Since birth, baby Summer Hyfon, who is now five months old, has suffered from plagiocephaly, a condition, which means her head is misshaped on one side of her head.

She also has brachycephaly, used to describe a very wide head shape with a flattening across the whole back of the head.

The Tree of Hope, a charity based in Bexhill, stepped in to pay the bulk of the money towards a cranial moulding helmet which Summer has to wear 23 hours a day for around 12 weeks.

Her mother Hannah, of Sandown Road, said: “Summer was born five weeks premature and her condition is more common in premature births.

“Her skull is out of shape and one side of her head is really flat. Her ears are also out of line, with one further forward than the other one.

“Summer has worn the helmet for two weeks now and how long she needs it depends on how quickly it works. We have to have regular check-ups at a private clinic in Wimbledon.”

Miss Hyfon, who also has a three-year-old daughter Ellie, managed to get the remaining £305 for the helmet through friends and family.

She said: “I had never heard of the Tree of Hope but found out a friend’s aunt was good friends with the person who runs the charity.

“We are really grateful for the Tree of Hope’s help, as I was stuck trying to work out how we could get all of the cash needed for Summer’s helmet.”