Baby seagulls in Hastings and Rother in danger during the nesting season

There have been reports of baby herring gulls in danger after falling from nests on roofs in Hastings Old Town and Bexhill.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 10:54 am
Baby seagulls SUS-190624-094648001

Now is nesting season for gulls and unfortunately the chicks can get into problems when they fall from nests, injuring themselves or being exposed to the danger of cats or foxes.

Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue group is urging people to take any chicks that have fallen from nests to Mallydams RSPCA Wildlife centre in Peter James Lane, Fairlight.

Chris, from the charity, said: “They have an amazing gull release program.

“Please do not feed baby gulls dog food unless in an emergency, they get upset stomachs and this weakens them, they need, according to Mallydams who are experts in this field, fresh fish That is what we give all our gulls that can be released.

“Gulls released miles away from the sea are often not making it to the coast, that is why l now only use Mallydams for our gulls or ask for their advice when and where to release them.”

It is illegal, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, to touch or interfere with any nesting seagulls, their young, their nest or eggs, unless an adult, or young seagull is sick, injured or orphaned

Ensuring fresh water is available to drink is very beneficial for all wildlife in these situations.