Acclaimed Hastings based film-maker Andrew Kötting has screening at Electric Palace

Film-maker Andrew Kötting will be present with his daughter Eden for a Q&A session when his latest film The Whalebone Box is shown at the Electric Palace cinema in Hastings Old Town tonight (Thursday September 17) and Friday September 18.

Thursday, 17th September 2020, 10:32 am
Whalebone Box 1 SUS-200917-101440001

The film about a box made of whale bone, entangled in a fisherman’s net and washed up on a remote beach in the Outer Hebrides.

The box was given to writer Iain Sinclair almost thirty years ago by Steve Dilworth, a sculptor based on the Island of Harris.

Sinclair commented: It was always intended to be an active thing, kill or cure. An animal battery. And part of the power of the crafted box comes from its lack of signature. At best this object has the anonymity and moral authority of tribal art, of a fetish, a relic or an accidental survivor. It is dangerous.

Whalebone Box 2 SUS-200917-101450001

“What is inside might produce good magic or it might produce bad magic and like the box that contained Schrödinger’s Cat it must never be opened.”

In 2018 the box was taken on an 800 mile reverse pilgrimage from London back to the Isle of Harris, in the company of the film-maker Andrew Kötting, the photographer Anonymous Bosch and Iain Sinclair.

Andrew’s daughter Eden Kötting narrates the story, working as both muse and soothsayer. She tries to make sense of the journey as it unfolds, sometimes awake and sometimes asleep.

The Whalebone Box sees Andrew Kötting reuniting with Iain Sinclair for yet another remarkable collaboration after their critically acclaimed and ground baking journeyworks: Swandown, By Our Selves and Edith Walks.

The film will be preceded by a short film by Eden entitled In Far Away Land.

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