Pensioner’s money taken in St Leonards burglary

A pensioner had his money stolen during a distraction burglary at his home in St Leonards yesterday (Thursday).

At around 6.35pm the 83-year-old victim answered his door in Bristol Road to a man and a young boy who asked to leave some door mats for a neighbour and to change up a £20 note. They came into the house while the victim went to change the £20 in a case where he kept his money.

One man stayed briefly on his own in one of the rooms before leaving suddenly and calling to his younger companion. They then left the property.

The victim became suspicious and found the case of money had gone. He immediately called police.

Detective Sergeant Jason Tuck said: “The victim is devastated by this theft as the case contained a large amount of money. These men, who the victim thinks might have been father and son, prayed on the victim’s vulnerability and his kindness at wanting to help them.

“He described them as a white male in his 40s, large build wearing blue shorts and a white eight to nine-year-old boy. Did you see this man and the boy making any other door-to-door calls in the area?”

“If you don’t know who is at your front door, always use a chain and ask for identification. Don’t keep large amounts of cash in your home and call 999 immediately if you are in anyway suspicious of the caller at your door. If you have elderly relatives or neighbours please remind them to be alert to these bogus callers and to never let people they don’t know into their homes.

“Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call Sussex Police on 101 quoting serial 1217 of 18/4 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”