Pensioner breathes new lease of life

Gloria Denovan
Gloria Denovan

A pensioner who suffered with severe breathing difficulties for more than 25 years says her life has been turned around since attending a specialised breathing rehabilitation course in Hastings.

Gloria Denovan, 74, of De Cham Road, St Leonards, has had to use daily multiple medications including strong adrenaline-based relievers and steroids for many years.

She attended a Buteyko breathing session in August. The method employs a series of breathing exercises designed to help those with breathing problems. Gloria said: “I have not used my reliever inhaler since, and can walk further than when I started the course. With that my confidence is coming back to the extent that I applied to the University of Brighton to become a student mentor, have been accepted. It has changed my life. Every person with a breathing problem needs to know that about what Buteyko can do for them.”

She was originally diagnosed with asthma in 1986, which developed into COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in 2006. She was hospitalised last year due to a respiratory failure. The Buteyko breathing rehabilitation expert who coached Gloria through her recovery was Simon Paddon. He said: “The outstanding recovery results which Mrs Denovan has experienced are typical of all people who attend Buteyko courses. People with severe long-term breathing problems are able to safely regain control of their lives.” Mr Paddon is running another two-hour session from 9.30am on Tuesday, October 28, at West Hill Community Centre, in Croft Road. Placements cost £15 and must be booked in advance either online at or by calling 0844 357 7373.