Peace campaigners erect mock-up barrier in town

Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign

MEMBERS of a campaign group set up a mock-up wall in the town centre on Saturday (May 3) to highlight the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East.

Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign (HPSC) erected the replica version of the barrier, sometimes referred to as the Apartheid Wall, to raise awareness of the restrictions Palestinians face going from one side of the barrier to another.

Passers-by were given leaflets containing information about the wall. Dressed in military-style uniforms and joined by an Israeli activist and French trade unionists, the campaigners’ aims was to give Hastings residents a flavour of what Palestinians endure on a daily basis. The Israelis built the barrier which campaigners say is in breach of international law as it does not follow the Green Line – a border drawn up by the UN in 1949 to divide the land between Israel and Palestine.

Gill Knight, from HPSC, said: “If Palestine was allowed to plan and develop its communities and economy it would not be dependent on humanitarian aid, including the aid from the EU.”