Pavements need makeover

There are many areas in Hastings where pavements badly need a make over. I know many of us can make a case where to walk on some is to take ones chances of tripping as they are in such a poor state of repair. So why when pavements in the Ghyllside area are little used, are they undergoing a total resurface. The money that is being spent on these pavements could be better spent in more needy parts of the town. The amount of footfall on the respective pavements which have just been resurfaced, surely did not justify the expense.

Talking of pavements, when is something going to be done about the people who drive their buggies at stupid speeds on them. They are really for the use of pedestrians. There should be a speed limit laid down , also if hey ust be used a warning hooter afixed so that they can warn us pedestrians that they are behind us, electric vehicles are not always easy to hear.

Kevin Head

Old Roar Road