Passenger left concussed after bus doors close on her

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A BUS passenger was left with concussion and severe earache after the doors slammed shut on her head as she was attempting to get off.

Jo Read, of Vicarage Road, had to take a week off work sick on the orders of her doctor following the freak accident.

She was travelling on the no 26A bus on Thursday, January 5 at around 7.20am and got up to get off in Parkstone Road when it happened.

Mrs Read said: “I turned around to say thanks to the driver when, within a millisecond, as I was getting off the doors just slammed closed on my head.

“I got such a fright and the driver was frantically trying to get the doors open again, as I was trapped. He kept on apologising as he tried.”

She believes her thick felt hat she was wearing at the time shielded her from more serious injury.

Mrs Read added: “I was in a bit of a state afterwards after I got freed. I couldn’t breathe properly because of the shock and my ears hurt like mad.

“I thought I would be okay the next morning but I wasn’t.

“I felt really odd and the doctor diagnosed concussion. I was off work for a week.

“I’m still suffering from headaches.”

When she returned home on the day of the accident, Mrs Read’s husband Colin was furious and rang Stagecoach to complain.

The couple were later told the company had taken the bus off the road to be checked for faults.

She added: “I was screaming when I was trapped but none of the passengers on the bus came to help. It was really awful.

“I have noticed a lot of the time with the bus doors that only one opens with the other struggling to open.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “At the time of the incident, we took details from Mr and Mrs Read and carried out a full investigation.

“I can confirm that, on inspection, the bus doors were in good working order and that Mrs Read was put in touch with our insurance company.”