Park trees to be felled after failing safety test

A NUMBER of trees will be removed from Alexandra Park after they failed the council’s annual safety inspection.

The move follows the sudden collapse of a 30ft tall oak tree which flattened fencing in Dordrecht Way last month.

Fortunately no pedestrians or vehicles were in the vicinity at the time.

Tree officer Chris Wilken carried out the inspection and identified 30 specimens which will be removed because they were either dead, dying or dangerous.

The work will be carried out from Monday (June 11) and new trees will be planted in the autumn.

Mr Wilken, who inspects all trees in parks and recreation areas, said: “The falling tree could have been a disaster.

“I inspected the tree and found a some root decay but it was completely unforseeable.

“I have now found 30 trees that need to come down for safety reasons.”

Councillor Emily Westley, lead member for Parks, said: “Alexandra Park is one of our most important and best loved parks in the Town and the safety of everyone using the Park is our number one priority.

“It is important we identify dead and dangerous trees in public places like Alexandra Park and make them safe.

“We will be planting new trees in the autumn to replace the ones we are taking out ensuring Alexandra Park always has a variety of wonderful trees for everyone to enjoy.”