Pair plunge from second and third-storey windows

TWO women plunged to the ground after falling out of the window of a flat in St Leonards.

The pair, believed to be in their mid-20s, were rushed to the Conquest Hospital following the fall in Warrior Gardens on Wednesday afternoon at around 2.30pm.

Luckily they did not suffer life-threatening injuries. One sustained an ankle injury.

Doug Marshall, watch manager at Bohemia Road Fire Station, said one of the women fell out of a third-floor window and the other, who tried to offer assistance, plunged from the second floor.

He said: “Both were in the courtyard when we arrived and both were conscious.

“The paramedics put them on stretchers and we had to bring them through the window of another ground-floor flat from the courtyard to the front.”

One neighbour, who wished not to be named, said: “I heard screaming and I thought it was kids playing around.

“The next thing I knew police were running down the steps to my flat. They needed access to the courtyard next door and went through my flat into my courtyard. I gave them some step ladders so they could climb over the wall.”

Another neighbour said: “It was a terrible shock. The first I knew of it was when the firemen were banging on the window screaming to get in.”