Pair launch charity to help sick children

Amber-Rose Sims
Amber-Rose Sims

A NEW charity has been set up by two fathers to help sick and terminally ill children and their families.

Paul Harris and Carl Denne, owner of Hastings Kickboxing Academy, decided to launch Charity for Kids so they could raise money for specialist equipment and improve children’s quality of life.

The pair are trying to help a two-year-old girl, Amber-Rose Sims, of Athelstan Road, who suffers from a rare condition called central sleep apnea, which means her brain stops sending signals for her to breathe.

Mr Harris said: “Amber-Rose relies on oxygen when she is in bed, and requires oxygen tanks to be carried when she leaves the family home.

“She also suffers from seizures which are currently being investigated as these are not related to epilepsy. Amber-Rose also has very lax ligaments and low muscle tone so it is a struggle for her to move around and is unable to speak.

“Despite this she is a very happy, loving and sociable little girl who loves her big brother Jackson very much. She has a very loving mum and dad who adore her and loves nothing more than cuddling her two cats.” Mr Denne said he and Mr Harris were trying to raise cash to get the toddler’s family’s garden professionally landscaped so they can have a decking area and enjoy outside living space.

They also want to buy special play equipment for Amber-Rose.

Mr Denne said: “We felt by launching a charity like this we could actually see where our money was going and how it was benefiting a child. Alongside helping Amber-Rose we are working really hard to try and raise £5,000 as we are desperate to become a registered charity.”

The pair would like to hear from any garden centres or builders’ merchants who can help with materials, as well as anyone from the building trade prepared to donate their time to help with the garden project. If anyone can help they can contact Mr Harris on 07827 852120 or Mr Denne on 07949 221946.

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