Pair feature in disaster movie on Channel 4

Andrew 'Gibbo' Gibson and David 'Dodge' Pentek
Andrew 'Gibbo' Gibson and David 'Dodge' Pentek

TWO men who filmed themselves stuck in a lift while on holiday in Hungary and posted the clip online became the unlikely stars in a one-off television disaster movie this week.

David ‘Dodge’ Pentek, of The Mount, St Leonards, and Andrew ‘Gibbo’ Gibson featured in Blackout on Monday (September 9) on Channel 4, which was based around a ‘what if’ scenario of Britain falling foul of a devastating attack on the national electricity grid.

Both men documented their escape six years ago and posted the video on YouTube before it was spotted by a researcher for the film in April.

David, an ex-Lance Bombardier with the 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, said: “The researcher told me about the one-off docudrama they were planning to make, said they would use the footage of us stuck in the lift and asked Andrew and I if we would go along to take part in auditions.”

The feature-length production used staged, acted scenes alongside news reports and archived CCTV of actual power cuts.

Directed by BAFTA-winner Ben Chanan, Blackout charted the first five days following a nationwide power cut, as experienced by a cast of ordinary characters struggling to feed and protect themselves and their families.

David and Andrew played characters trying to get back down south from Southport in Merseyside who have to resort to stealing cars and siphoning petrol.

Some of the actual footage of them stuck in the lift in Hungary was also used for the movie. David, a courier, said: “It was fantastic taking part and brilliant meeting all of the people from the production company, as well as the other actors.”