Over-cooked call-outs

FIREFIGHTERS were called out to three homes in St Leonards on the same day – as a result of over-cooked food.

Just after noon on Saturday, four engines and 27 firefighters headed to Terrace Road after food overheated, and later that day (6.45pm) two of the engines were heading to Warrior Square to tackle a small fire started fby a grill pan.

And, at 9.22pm, three fire crews answered a call in Pevensey Road after more cooking went awry.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during any of the call-outs, but East Sussex Fire and Rescue are warning people not to leave food cooking when the sun is shining.

Mark Petty, spokesman for the fire service, said: “Once again we would remind people to be extra vigilant when cooking and to follow appliance instructions and not to get distracted while cooking.”