Ore in Bloom

THE Executive Committee of Ore in Bloom are holding our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 8 at 6.30pm at the Ore Centre if any of our members would like to come and hear our chairman’s report on our past years activities and our plans for 2013.

Now, more planting, Tony Howard has planted more than 1,000 crocus bulbs this week. Some of them around the ‘ORE’ sign flower bed on the bank by the traffic lights in front of Barrington House, and the rest in around the trees in the Hastings and St Leonards Children’s Clinic garden.

The fruit trees here are an example of introducing more variety, something Ore in Bloom is committed to, for the birds, insects and environment, as well as for us humans.

The grass beneath the three olive trees, the malus, plum and pear trees will be studded with circles of crocus, and the remaining grass in between will have formal clumps of Jack Snipe and Peeping Jenny narcissi. Some colour and perfume to look forward to after the dim winter light and lack of scent.

Ore in Bloom membership is free to all residents in Ore wards of Baird, and St Helens and Tressell.

To join us, or to enter Ore in Bloom contact Heidi Hampson on oreinbloom@gmail.com or see Mags Pawson at The Ore Centre, 455 Old London Road, TN35 5BH. Facebook http://on.fb.me/oreinbloom.