Ore in Bloom

STUDENTS from Hastings Academy were out in force on Monday, October 8 thanks to Amanda Crisford, welfare, admissions and community manager, who had rescheduled the litter pick and replanting of the Jubilee Tree flowerbeds, and was recording the day for their newsletter.

Mr Avery and Mr Lazell oversaw the fluorescent waist coated teams picking litter, or assisting our own Tony Howard in planting polyanthus plants and ‘Triumph’ tulip bulbs in the large circular bed on the corner of Rye Road and Churchill Avenue.

By the spring the Jubilee Tree will stand in a lake of colour. Mr Avery and Miss Betts have kick-started the Woodland Development project enlisting 70 students, help from Tim Jemison, landscape architect and offers of funding and labour skills sharing via Mike Thompson, of AmicusHorizon.

The woodland and all the academy’s grounds are included in the Woodland Development students remit, and at their request, and in consultation with the ground workers Kier Construction, the academy is planning and preparing for allotments to be introduced.

A regular students litter pick in Ore is being scheduled in so the academy can keep the local landscape looking good for everyone.

Ore in Bloom membership is free to all residents in Ore wards of Baird, and St Helens and Tressell.

To join us, or to enter Ore in Bloom contact Heidi Hampson on oreinbloom@gmail.com. Facebook http://on.fb.me/oreinbloom.