Ore in Bloom

ON Tuesday, September 18, as Field to Fork got under way, 180 local school children and students streamed on to the sunlit grounds of Fairlight Hall and were guided around the 15 activities.

Jason and Kerry, from Mantle Farm, with chickens and bees, Jordan and Aubrey introducing the llamas and alpacas, Nicky Challinor with the horse, John, Heidi and Eileen on the making and floating of the paper boats, Jack on the tractor, Yasmin and Phillip sharing knowledge of fish and fishing by the trawler.

In the walled garden the children listened with rapt attention to story telling by Ore Library’s Elaine Clarke.

Tony Howard and Carol Saucell led the vegetable hunt, and Joanna Gore, Michael Little and their team hosted the food taster experience.

Marshalls from Ore in Bloom kept everything running smoothly and everyone was invited to put their opinions and ideas on to post it notes on a display board about beautifying Ore.

Hastings Academy students will be involved in two activities on Monday.

Amanda Crisford is organising a litter pick in Ore, which will coincide with Tony Howard overseeing the replanting of their Jubilee Flowerbed.

Mixed polyanthus, under planted with a Triumph mix of tulips will be planted around the Jubilee Tree.

Hastings Academy students will be taking part in the two activities.

Finally, a new date has been set for our AGM, which is on Thursday, November 8, at The Ore Centre, at 6.30pm.

Ore in Bloom membership is free to all residents in Ore wards of Baird, and St Helens and Tressell.

To join us, or to enter Ore in Bloom contact Heidi Hampson on oreinbloom@gmail.com, or see Mags Pawson at The Ore Centre, 455 Old London Road, TN35 5BH.

Facebook http://on.fb.me/oreinbloom.