Will sham marriage fixer Buchak ever be deported?

WILL we ever get to the bottom of the chain of incompetence that has meant it has taken a year and counting to eject a foreign criminal and illegal immigrant, from St Leonards, and indeed the UK?

It seemed a straightforward case: A man living in the country illegally under a false name, guilty of a marriage scam on a huge scale, whom the trial judge wanted deported.

Home Secretary Theresa May made a show of being tough on foreign criminals last month when she said that they did not have an automatic human right to a family life, after it emerged that almost 2,000 individuals had appealed against deportation using this argument last year.

Could Buchak have been one of them? If so, it seems to be working in his favour, or at least the deportation process appears to have ground to a halt.

Numerous court dates have been scheduled and re-scheduled, the last hearing, booked in for June did not go ahead for some mystery reason.

So in the meantime, Buchak may well be living in St Leonards, and ‘sponging off the state’, which just serves to add fuel to the anti-immigration fire that some would keep burning.