Why are travellers not moved from residential road in St Leonards?

Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Picture: Eddie Mitchell

From: Mr & Mrs A Davis, Cooden Ledge, St Leonards

Residents in our road are having trouble with travellers and their associates.

One caravan, one motorbike, two cars and a truck have prevented use of nearly the entire left hand side of the road and traffic coming round the corner to our road is often faced with oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road.

This is an accident waiting to happen.

Emails to the County Councillor for this area have been ignored and the local police have informed us that this matter is being dealt with.

How is it then that 200 caravans in Hove, on council property but not endangering traffic can be moved on by Brighton police after two days when we have a situation on a residential road which is council property and does endanger traffic which cannot be moved on by Hastings police and has been going on for over six months?