Trevor’s Week: Owls are wonderful creatures

Our young woodpeckers have moved to their new outdoor aviary this week, thanks to the Keith Baker Memorial Trust which funded this new pen.

It was really good to see them in a bigger enclosure and able to stretch their wings more.

We have also managed to get a number of our blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, dunnocks and thrushes out for release too. Our young jackdaws are due to go out shortly as well.

We had a call about a badly injured Little Owl at Barcombe. The poor bird had a very nasty wound on its chest and was rushed to the vets where sadly it died. Little Owls are wonderful creatures and it’s a real shame we didn’t save the poor little chap.

I’m sure most of you will know about the Community Matters Scheme at Waitrose. This month East Sussex WRAS is one of the charities at Lewes Waitrose, so please go along and help support our charity and put your tokens in our bin, the more tokens the more money we will receive. If anyone is interested in joining our wonderful group of volunteers to help out with some of the feeding and cleaning shifts please e-mail

Due to us being increasingly busy we are looking to take on people for a number of shifts, including Monday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday early evening, Friday early evening, Saturday morning and early evening, Sunday morning and early evening.

The morning shifts start between 8am and 9am and last for three to four hours, the early evening shifts start between 5pm and 6pm and last for about three hours. Please be aware that this is strenuous work with lots of bending and stretching.

Commitment is important as we have a legal obligation to ensure the casualties are fed and watered.

We are hoping to be at the Lammas Festival on the Western Lawns next weekend. Please come along for a great music festival with various stalls and displays, beer tent and food stalls.

Please come along and help us raise much-needed funds to help us continue our over stretched service.

This week has also seen us dealing with a badly injured badger in Hastings, a road casualty fox, two groups of baby hedgehogs. Several cat attacked fledgling sparrows.

A group of ducklings wandering around South Road in Hailsham.

There was also a catted rabbit, a very badly injured hedgehog with half its face missing which had to be rushed into the vets.