The Business Coach with Laura Murphy

Question: “How can I motivate staff when I’m unhappy with changes to the business?” Karin

Answer: “Uncertainty brings a mixture of excitement and anxiety depending on personality and circumstances so what is it that’s making you unhappy?

There’s two things here: the practical impact of change and emotional impact.

Provided you’ve put forward a reasoned case to prevent or modify the changes and argued it well, you’ve done what’s expected of you on the practical side so be reassured and move on confidently.

However, if it’s emotional then analyse precisely what it is that’s causing the disquiet.

At your level you should be above any hurt pride or indignation at not being listened to. However anxiety about an inability to cope is a different matter.

Assuming you’ve not been demoted by the changes, break them down into their constituent parts and tackle the smaller issues one by one.

Visualise how you are going to solve them. You’ll be able to use that insight to motivate your staff, as well as help them tackle their own concerns.”

Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist and AC accredited Executive Coach. She is also a registered Growth Accelerator coach. To solve your problem email or tweet @WayfinderWoman Names and details have been changed.