That’s Chaz: the Batte of the Bonfire Jumpers!

On Saturday the 16th October Hastings folk gathered in abundance to enjoy the annual sights & sounds that Hastings Bonfire night has to offer.

Hastings has many festivals throughout the year - Bonfire Night is my personal favourite.

Every year I look forward to wrapping up in my favourite leopard print winter coat, matching slipper boots, cheeky thermals and smuggling my very warm owl-shaped wheat bag under my coat to really keep out the chill.

When my partner Taylor and I approached the town centre we fought through the busy crowd and eventually found a place to sit with friends. Before long the procession had begun.

Forgive me, I know I’m a little more than slow on the uptake but I never quite realised the variation of stripy jumpers, there are so many for each Bonfire Society!

This year myself, Taylor and our friends were sat right at the front of the crowd, our view of the procession could not have been better! Each Bonfire society marched through with pride and well, quite frankly, brilliant jumpers!

From then on, we entitled the rest of the evening ‘Battle of the Bonfire Jumpers!’ and after careful consideration, however biased it may seem, the winning jumper for us belonged to that of Hastings Bonfire Society – naturally!

From Bonfires to Carnivals, Pirates to Pagans – Hastings always puts on a good show, which festival is your favourite?