That’s Chaz - Sheep or shepherd: which one are you?

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My name is Charlotte Piper I’m 24-years-old living in Hastings.

I’m a rockabilly-loving, red lipstick-wearing, enthusiastic writer.

I have a disability called cerebral palsy making my wheelchair my biggest fashion accessory!

IN today’s society, are the choices we make our own, or do we strive to conform?
Take 50 Shades Of Grey for example: this is a novel that no one had even heard of last year, and yet it has outsold J.K Rowling in record time! 
Social media is rife, and is the reason behind this novels success. Though I can’t help but think: is it successful because it’s a well written book, or because we are once again keeping in trend with its popularity? Maybe it’s both, either way; I am a huge fan of the books and as such, could be labelled a sheep. Though I’m not always.
What about our ‘choice’ of fashion? 
Autumn has arrived, accompanied by this seasons ‘must have’ outfits that you simply must buy! It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it, the pressure remains; you MUST be in fashion.

Fashion trends are set by a multitude of fashion designers and editors from all across the world, and worn by fashion models year after year. But no matter how hard we try, those same clothes just don’t look as good or even the same on you or I.

Does this matter to you, or do you still strive to conform?
The shepherds set the trends in almost everything we choose and or do as a whole: from our choice of fashion, our favourite artist, right through to how we furnish our home. The question is: Do you follow their trends like a trusty sheep, or set your own path and become a shepherd?
We deal with an on-going conflict between ourselves and and that of the controlling media – a somewhat ‘love/hate’ relationship.

Could you imagine a life without it? I know I couldn’t. Do you choose to ignore your media relationship, embrace it, or like most – myself included – feign ignorance?
Perhaps you might be a sheep now, but who’s to say you can’t become one of the greatest shepherds’ society has ever known.
Which one are you?