State of affairs at William Parker disgraceful

HEADS surely must roll in the light of an almost entirely damning Ofsted report for William Parker Sports College.

Inadequate teaching, poor literacy and numeracy, bad behaviour and bullying, and ineffective management, suggest that something has gone seriously wrong.

The report could hardly be more critical, and suggests that headteacher John Court and the senior management have had their heads in the clouds for some time now.

For one of our town’s secondary schools to come out of an inspection so badly is completely unacceptable, and MP Amber Rudd is right to say this is devastating news for local families.

The other secondary schools in the town are making good progress, and Mr Court’s reasoning that part of the problem is with recruitment of good quality teachers, may be the case but cannot really be seen as an excuse.

Now all the school’s failings have been brought to light it is time for immediate and decisive action to be taken to face the problems head-on.

The students, and indeed the staff deserve nothing less.