Sprucing up the seafront

THE proposals to transform a prominent part of the seafront into something much more accessible and attractive must be welcomed (page 3).

While there are lots of reasons to visit Hastings, the seafront currently leaves a lot to be desired, with grey concrete featuring much more heavily than one would hope.

Change began with the development of The Stade, and the construction of the Jerwood Gallery, Stade Hall, cafe, and Open Space, which is most definitely fulfilling its potential.

Now a local businessman intends to pour hundreds of thousands of pounds into the section of the seafront to the West of The Stade, and what’s more is inviting local residents and the general public to comment on the design.

The proposals to spruce up the boating lake and surrounding area, as well as the possibility of an extension to the miniature railway in the future, are welcomed by those who run businesses nearby, who realise they are likely to reap the benefits of a new look seafront.

This could even be the catalyst for the powers that be to look at other potential seafront improvements.