Ray Dadswell: Hit or miss?

Some of us have great affection for the British season of Wimbledon. Others are not too bothered about it. Yet others begrudge the TV take-over of the event, to the displacement of many other regular programmes. In this house, for example, there is an extreme divergence of loyalty.

Years ago, my sons, then teenagers, had a wonderful opportunity, through their local tennis club, to attend the finals day at Wimbledon. The tickets cost just £50 each, and the boys’ grandmother kindly treated them.

When they arrived at their destination on the Sunday, weighed down with refreshments and full of excitement, they were approached by another tennis fan, not known to them, offering £1,500 apiece for their seat reservations! (How can a bit of paper be worth that much?)

I can only imagine what went through my sons’ minds at that point.

Anyway, integrity won the day for them and they were able to see not only the men’s last match, but the women’s too, postponed because of poor weather.

That’s a lovely memory which entertains our family from time to time.

While I admire my two for not compromising their principles – had they decided differently, they would have had some serious explaining to do – I do feel rather sorry for the people who might not have been able to get into the centre court, possibly because of leaving it too late to book their places.

A salutary reminder, this, that there will arrive a day when Christ returns to this world, and, if we are not prepared, and have our reservation, we shall not be allowed past the gate into heaven.

“I am the way,” said Jesus, “and the truth, and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14, 6).

Worth discussing with somebody who knows with certainty where they are going to spend eternity?

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