Politicians need to open their eyes

From: Derek Stocker, Duke Street, Bexhill

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 9:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:35 am
Hastings Observer letters

Well done to reader Dennis Anthony who pointed out (Hastings Observer, June 16th 2017) that many of the woes of the UK are due to an overcrowded island.

The majority of the population can see it, why is it that the politicians cannot and blindly go on filling this country up for the last sixty odd years.

The British politician is a blinkered, short-sighted being with little or no foresight and that is why the UK has had problems dating back to the American War of Independence and almost from then on.

The quality of life in the UK has actually been reduced by unbridled immigration and this subject was one of the main reasons that people voted to leave the EU, but what has changed? What will change? Very little I should think, all the time that the leaders of this country show no backbone and simply stick their heads in the sand.

Remember one thing – politicians do not have to wait weeks for a GP appointment, they don’t even have to struggle to get on the housing ladder or find a suitable school or wait months for an operation in an overcrowded hospital and as for spending 12 hours on a trolly in a hospital corridor, not a chance!

Do they have to pay thousands of pounds for a train ticket and they cannot even sit down or do they see their local school fields sold off for “affordable” housing? Not a chance.

Its just the ordinary folks who are the backbone of this country who have those experiences, day after day and year after year and do the politicians care?

Try not to laugh.