Plenty of potential benefits for the A259 bus service between Bexhill and Hastings


From: Derrick Coffee, Campaign for Better Transport, East Sussex

We fully support the bus priority measures on the A259 between Bexhill and Hastings and predict an increasingly important role of the bus in providing safe, clean access to meet many of the needs of the populations of the two towns. This applies to people of all ages fulfilling many journey purposes. We see the benefits potentially being delivered, within five years or sooner, as:

- More reliable journey times by bus

- Better frequencies of service extended into evenings and Sundays

- A move to hybrid or all electric buses

- More bus passengers and reduced traffic, resulting in cleaner air and less noise and a generally healthier and more attractive living space for residents

- A genuine alternative to the car based ‘school run’ and short car trips

- A far more ‘social environment’ with safer walking and cycling conditions

Bus lanes on the A259 into Brighton have seen increased passenger numbers – 55,000 more per week, and, a reduction in traffic of 3,000 vehicles per day.

All this is possible – and all the more quickly – with support from Cllr Beaver.

It’s also compatible with current policies of tackling climate change and species extinction – and support for ‘Active Travel’.

What’s not to like?