Please support carnival team

From: Bill Wicking, President, Old Town Carnival, Rock Lane, Hastings

Friday, 27th July 2018, 9:18 am
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 10:19 am
Hastings Old Town Carnival Week 2017: Pram Race Photo by Frank Copper

With the start of Old Town Week, can I appeal for your support to the hundreds of people that have given their time, creative skills and financial support to the success of this week.

The carnival and pram race, through your past generosity, have donated thousands of pounds to charities and good causes around our town. One has only to attend our donation evening to hear of the work that they do throughout the year for both old and young.

This year, many of these jewels in our community’s crown are facing cutbacks leading to financial difficulties or even demise.

For most of my life, I have been connected with various voluntary youth organisations and realise the value of your contributions, having to collect jam jars and waste paper to provide camping equipment or subsidise less fortunate members to go to camp.

With the theme ‘anniversaries’, let us never forget the sacrifices of so many in the past so that we can enjoy ourselves today.

Whatever the weather, may your efforts be rewarded and have a happy and safe carnival week.