Observer Comment: Road to nowhere or economic boost?

THE Hastings to Bexhill Link road has been branded both a “road to nowhere” and the “biggest economic boost for a generation” (see pages one and two).

The scheme was always going to divide opinion but many people across the borough will welcome any chance of new jobs and prosperity with open arms.

There is a generation of young people today struggling to find work and ending up in a never ending circle of rejection.

But it is hard to understand exactly how, especially during a crippling recession, building a five mile long road will suddenly create 100s of jobs.

There may well be a few businesses in Hastings that are bucking the current trend and forecast growth in the coming years.

During such difficult economic times it is very hard to see beyond 2012, nevermind 2016.

One guarantee of any new link road between Bexhill and Hastings is extra traffic on Queensway and the main arterial route to the capital.

Surely now there is an even bigger argument to build a proper, dual carriageway and quicker rail route to London?

Surely any big business wanting to move to the link road would demand better transport routes to our major ports and capital?

The environmental argument must never be overlooked.

Combe Haven Valley will be soon be echoing to the roar of an army of construction workers as they roll through a once peaceful and attractive part of Sussex, the start of years of mechanical noise pollution.

There could also be new housing and in turn dozens of families living in a once unspoilt part of our countryside.

It is always a great shame to have to disturb any part of nature, especially at the expense of a road.

Time will tell if the planners were right.

Time will tell if we shall ever regret so-called progress and prosperity.