Observer Comment: It’s time the council started listening to local event organisers

ONCE again Hastings basked in the sunlight of another glorious May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

Thousands of people flocked to the town and tills all over this corner of 1066 Country were jingling to the sound of a much-needed and appreciated boost in business.

As always, the organisers of Jack-in-the-Green did a sterling job in making sure the weekend went off hitch free and Keith Leech and his team deserve our praise.

So too do Roger Crouch for his Merrie England Day celebrations and Howard Martin for his work welcoming the influx of bikers.

People like them are what makes Hastings such a vibrant and great place to live and visit. All the work is done by volunteers armed with little more than passion and determination.

However, despite the success, one issue which does regularly rear its head is the role of the council.

Many people organising big events such as those last weekend say it can be confusing to have to deal with so many different departments at the town hall and argue it would be easier if there was a single officer they could deal with.

These people bring so much to our town – particularly financially – and perhaps it is time the council started listening to their concerns.

The last thing we want is to make it even harder for these brilliant locals to continue planning days the whole town can be proud of – and enjoy.


CHANCES are the majority of locals will not have voted in yesterday’s referendum. Many may not even have realised it was taking place.

Turn-out for voting of any type is traditionally low in Hastings and without a local council election to spur people to get off their sofas and walk to the polls, the vote on AV is likely to have been worse than normal.

The fact remains though that, unlike safe seats elsewhere, the introduction of AV would have a big impact on this town. If it had been in place, Michael Foster would almost certainly still be the town’s MP.

Hopefully all those who did not bother voting will remember that next time they disagree with something their MP or Government does.

IF someone had told us a dog could survive stuck on a cliff for 11 days we would have told them they were barking mad. But that is exactly what three-year-old springer spaniel Poppy managed.

The loveable pooch went missing during walkies on the East Hill and her family feared the worst.

However, it turns out she had plunged over the face of the cliff and, without the nine lives afforded to cats, was left with no choice but to sit tight until she was found.

What a remarkable dog. Most struggle to sit still for five minutes. Poppy managed 15,840.