Observer Comment: Brussels needs to see sense

THOSE interfering busybodies in Brussels have scored another own goal (see page two).

As Paul Joy, chair of Hasting’s Fisherman’s Protection Society, quite rightly points out, it makes no sense at all.

For the last few years the sickening sight of dead fish being tossed back into the water has become common practice even among the smallest of boats around our shores.

The problem is in Hastings, fishermen are allowed to bring in only 50kg of cod in a month. That works out at about 1.4kg each per day which is about the size of one large cod.

It is hardly worth putting out to sea. How utterly ridiculous.

Now DEFRA is telling us that discards are set to be banned.

So if fishermen are not allowed to throw fish back into the sea, how are they supposed to bring them back to shore when they are allowed only one and a half cod a day?

Mr Joy claims it is already an unfair playing field as fishermen on the continent are regularly turning a blind eye to the quotas.

It is one of the many draw backs of being part of the EU.

Who can forget Brussels telling British butchers what to put in their bangers.

Or the Common Agricultural Policy where farmers produced too much food and the surplus sold to Russia for a tenth of its value.

The farmers were paid full price, and then paid more for not producing food which is a bit like being paid not to turn up at work.

We wait with bated breath for their next great idea for the good of the common people.