New bus stop on Bexhill Road is a waste of council money

Bexhill Road. Photo courtesy of Google Street View SUS-190813-145146001
Bexhill Road. Photo courtesy of Google Street View SUS-190813-145146001

From: Jeff Jolley, Hythe Avenue, St.Leonards

On Thursday (15th) I noticed activity at the “new” bus stop on the eastbound carriageway of Bexhill Road close to its junction with Bexleigh Avenue. In the Observer on Friday (next day) this activity was explanined, ESCC are moving it 15 metres back towards Ravenside. (A). To avoid the current possiblity of a “Pinch Point” in connection with the stop on the otherside of the road and (B.) to improve visabilty/safety for vehicles emerging from Bexleigh Avenue.

I have to own up to a severe bout of hilarity at this point, ESCC were made aware of both these situations during the long and protracted debate about bus lanes as far back as January 2018, and even further, which were ignored. My hilarity comes from the fact that these stops are both less than 200 yards in either direction from bus stops that were already in existance and are positioned where there are no houses and nobody was likely to use them anyway, but Stagecoach wanted them!

As a local resident and somebody who frequently uses and passes this junction I have to say that these stops are very very rarely used so congestion is not an issue as is the lack of visibility caused by any infrequent stationery buses, even when fairs and circuses are on the nearby field a couple of times a year,in fact visibilty has been more impaired by the near head high uncut weeds on the verge than the odd bus.

Work is well underway at the bus stop and but sincerely hope that the pavement here is leveled as it currently is very uneven and unfirm people could well have a problem.

We are still waiting for the planned sections at either end of the current lanes to be even started, no realtime information boards have been installed (not even at the bottom of Harley Shute Road to help our holiday makers from Combe Haven) and now ESCC are moving this totally useless bustop, to satisfiy Stagecoach who requested it in the first place.

One has to ask was planning permission requested/needed or even published since it has been started and the first it seem the general public knows is the two articles in the week’s Observer?

How many more “expenses” of this sort have been incurred by “design flaws” and other mistakes throughout the county, perhaps enough to save a nursing home or a library or maybe even fill a pothole or two.