Looking after our bountiful sea

Let’s talk about the sea.

We are so lucky to be on the coast, to enjoy beautiful views from so many areas and on a clear day to be able to see over to France.

But my favourite view is coming down London Road in St Leonards, where the angle of the road towards the sea, makes it look like you are approaching a wall of water.

But we mustn’t take it for granted, we need to look after our sea. We need to support the Cleanseas campaign to ensure that our beaches stay welcoming to swimmers.

We all need to improve our behaviour with litter by being careful what we do or don’t flush and what we put in public bins. For more details check http://cleanseasplease.net/.

And look out for the yellow fishes! There are some painted on the ground around Hastings highlighting bins we need to treat particularly carefully.

We need to preserve our seas in the same way that we fight to preserve our countryside.

We can also help support our fishermen by buying local fish.

Last weekend we had a fantastic opportunity to enjoy locally caught fish, cooked and served at the first Midsummer Fish Fest on The Stade. It was a complete triumph.

Visitors found out about our local fishing industry, and then could enjoy locally caught fish cooked, served on site and enjoyed to live music. What a town!

We have so much to offer and so much to enjoy that I thought I should share some of our delights with my colleagues in Parliament, so I am hosting a “Taste of Hastings” in the House of Commons at the end of July, which local producers are attending to show off the fabulous local food and drink. And of course there will be fish.

We are famous for our fish for good reason.

We’re going to show the MPs in London just how great it is!