Look to the future

WHILE it has not been rubber-stamped yet, Buckswood School’s proposal to take on the running of St Mary-in-the-Castle looks to be a step in the right direction with regard to securing the building’s long-term future (page 1).

In order for the venue to be profitable and to continue to stage high class entertainment and events, bookings need to be made months if not years in advance.

Without knowing what is in store for St Mary-in-the-Castle it has been impossible to do this, which is why a decision of this kind is welcome.

The historic building has enormous untapped potential, and with the funding and support of the school behind it, big changes could be afoot.

Buckswood has come up with the mission statement “In Hastings, For Hastings, By Hastings” for its venture, and if the school is true to its word, and the council give the go ahead, St Mary-in-the-Castle could be preserved as a community arts venue for many years to come.

The focus on education alongside entertainment, with opportunities for children from all the town’s schools to get involved, and workshops and work experience placements, would make it a definite asset to the town.

The council has come under fire for its handling of the venue, however this resolution may be music to the ears of some of the critics.