Transport should be electric

From: Daniel Burton, Battle Road, St-Leonards-on-Sea

Friday, 28th May 2021, 9:49 am
Royal Mail van

I would like to inform your readers about how disappointed I am that bus companies and larger companies such as the Royal Mail are not using electric vehicles to deliver their services. The sale of petrol and diesel vehicles is scheduled to be prohibited from 2030 onwards. We are only nine years away but in Hastings and Rother, I find it very difficult to find an electric van delivering parcels or letters along with an electric bus.

Surely it would be easy for buses to be run on electricity, due to them being kept in depots. On the other hand, it is much more difficult for regular people to have electric cars, due to them not having driveways, and there not being many places to charge your car up. I think there is a few across the Hastings and Rother area, but not enough infrastructure for the number of vehicles that are on our road network.

I feel that the Government are not being supportive enough to encourage people to purchase electric vehicles or use greener avenues of travel. For example, by encouraging people to use public transport. I believe that if we had a more convenient bus/train service, more people would use it. I hear that it takes roughly 45 minutes to get from Battle Road/St-Leonards-On-Sea to Ravernside Retail Park by bus, and around 105 to get to Hollington Tesco from the destination stated beforehand. I have a friend who gets a bus from Bexhill College, and he lives in Battle Road/St-Leonards-On-Sea. It sometimes can take him over an hour to get to and from the college. This is not very encouraging to use public transport, especially if you can drive the journey in roughly 20 minutes.

I am hoping that in the future a better public transport system will be developed, with cheaper ticket prices etc. I would like to see a similar system to London, where people can buy Oyster Cards. They then can be scanned on buses, or at gates on London Underground Stations to pay for their travel.

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